With the launch of the new Star Wars movies in December of 2016, brothers Spencer and Steven Brinkerhoff KNEW that they had to be there opening day. Somewhere along the way the Brinkerhoff Brothers discovered that they had turned into full grown adults and their various responsibilities made it difficult to wait around in line all day. So Steven suggested that they rent out the whole theater, and Spencer suggested that they make some t-shirts and other items to give away and thus was born Cinemavents (get it? Cinema Events!).

We found a theater near our homes in Mesa Arizona that was open to the idea of renting us an auditorium for a 7PM showing on a Thursday night and we started to invite our Family and Friends. So heres how it works; you select and reserve your seat in the theater, choose your shirt size, and then we’ll mail you a Movie Box of goodies. Each box is assembled exclusively for our private screening. The auditorium has around 334 seats + wheelchair accessible spots. Not everybody wants to sit on the front row, so we’ll put together a total of 350 boxes and then open up the first few rows to friends who aren’t able to make it to our screening but still want the Movie Box (*Note that the movie ticket is NOT good for any other location, you’re just getting a box of awesome stuff).