Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


The Movie is THIS WEEK! At this point all remaining seats are $10 and will NOT come with a Cinemavents box. Extra wands and shirts WILL be available at the theater for an additional $10 a piece.

Use the dropdown menu in the checkout cart to select the $10 price and then pick up your tickets at the theater on Thursday by 6:45PM.

[showseats id=5]


When you check out use the drop down menu to select your shirt size!!!!!!!

*Note* the Blue handicap seats on the map are empty spaces for wheelchair access.
Use the map of the auditorium above to reserve your seats for this private screening. The area marked “Stage” is where the screen is located. This means that row A is closest to the screen. Click on the theater seats to add them to your cart. When you proceed to the checkout there will be a drop down menu with an option choose your T-shirt size.

Included in the box will be a reserved seat for the B&B Theater in Mesa Arizona, one of seventeen randomly inserted wands, a wand identification chart / spell casting guide, one of four house neck ties, LED “magic” spell, t-shirt, and a guide to the History of Wizards in America. The box will be shipped to your home secured with custom Belted packing tape.

8 comments to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

  • JameeGirl  says:

    So exciting! I can’t wait, always a good time hanging out with amazing people 🙂

  • America Reynolds  says:

    I am so excited for this I am literally going crazy!

  • Marlee Knudsen  says:

    Are our tickets going to be in the boxes and are we going to get them before Thursday?

    And when are you going to start selling tickets for rogue one? I have several friends who would like to come who are not on your mailing lists. Thanks!

    • Marlee Knudsen  says:

      Just kidding! It showed up. Can’t wait!

      • spencerb3  says:

        WHEW! I was trying to track you down.

  • MJ  says:

    Any chance we can just purchase the box without the tickets, since we live out of state? Thanks!

    • spencerb3  says:

      Hey MJ! Thanks for asking about the Cinemavents Box for Fantastic Beasts. We made the boxes for our private screening event and only have a few left over supplies. I’m sorry but they were all sold at the event. What the site for upcoming events. We try and make the first 2 rows of the theater available for out of staters that want the boxes.

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