Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


The B&B Theater has been sold to AMC and our Contract has been cancelled. We are moving our screening to the Harkins Superstion Springs 25. At this time we are uncertain if we will be able to reserve seats for this screening.

Each seat will come with a custom designed t-shirt, one of these eleven Funko Pint Size Heroes, a DrawingIsSimple coin, and one of nine DrawingIsSimple instruction cards. The DrawingIsSimple or DIS coins are the invention of Spencer Brinkerhoff III. Place the coin on your drawing paper, trace around it and mark the guides on the coin, then follow the instructions on the back of the DIS card to draw your own Guardians of the Galaxy characters. There are nine different character DIS cards that will be randomly included with each reserved seat.

This custom t-shirt design along with all of the DIS card art and layout designs were created by Spencer Brinkerhoff III @SpencerB3. All nine DIS cards, an extra DIS coin, or even the uncut DIS card poster can be added to your order when you check out.

Be sure to use the drop down menu to select your shirt size when you check out !!!!!!!

Included in the box will include a ticket for the Harkins Superstition Springs 25 theater in Mesa Arizona, 1 Funko character, 1 DIS coin, and 1 DIS card. For those interested in the Cinemavents box but are unable to attend in person, please purchase seats from Row A or B. Shipping fees will be added to those boxes at a later date.

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