The Force Awakens



On Thursday, December 17th we held our very first Private Screening. While we didn’t have a catchy name yet, this was the birth of Cinemavents. We MAY have gone a little bit overboard, but here’s what we did for the show.

We LOVE Star Wars (thank you George Lucas). Spencer has been fortunate to be able to contribute some officially licensed artwork to the Star Wars Celebration events and has made some great friends through the 501st Legion. We asked a few of them to show up in their Stormtrooper armor and we even had a Kylo Ren on hand for photos at the event. So a special shout out goes to Tristan Moriuchi and his troopers, Niels Maclellan as Kylo (and his wife Jana), Jim Manley from the Dune Sea Garrison of the 501st legion for his donations and letting us borrow their Millennium Falcon backdrop, and Tim Wiant for hauling that backdrop around for us.

Because Spencer has been doing that art thing, we had him contribute some new art pieces to the event. Since the event was held in Arizona, our friend Jeff Wedding suggested that we do a military style propaganda print inspired by Luke Air Force Base and mix in Star Wars elements with the flag of the city of Mesa. This was made into a 5×7 card for all attendees. Then Jeff went the extra mile and donated an 18×24 canvas print of the propaganda art to give away at our drawing before the show.  The art for the badges was also used as an art print canvas, 5×7, lanyard, lightStick, lanyard card, art print, t-shirt, patches, spinner pins, and prizes! Like I said, we got pretty excited about the whole event.


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  • Kevin (TK3704)  says:

    Sure wish I could have been able to go to this event. It sounds like it was a great time.

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